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Better Than Botox: Diet Changes That Will Keep You Youthful

Every now and then a new type of cosmetic procedure is introduced. And not only women, but even men hop on to try it ASAP. Do you wonder why? What is so good about these beauty procedures that make people splurge lots and lots of money?

To be honest, it’s a competition that society throws at them. A competition to look just perfect and youthful at all the given time. They see it in the movies, on t.v., and in magazines. Some of us may even wonder how a celebrity looks so youthful despite being in their late 50s.

What is their secret? Anti-ageing products? Botox? Well, once you walk the way, you are trapped.

But, do you really think injectables or anti-ageing products can stop the skin from ageing?

No matter how many procedures you go through, your skin will still look the same if your diet is unbalanced. Your face reflects what you eat!

Better Than Botox: Diet Changes That Will Keep You Youthful

No more spending your time and money on expensive anti-ageing creams and injectables. These simple diet changes are here to your rescue! Follow by and bid adieu to fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

  1. Dive-in Collagen Rich Food

90% of the human body comprises of collagen. It is one of the main components of the dermis that gives your skin elasticity, hydration and flexibility. Other than this, collagen is also responsible for making your skin firm, plump, and youthful.

When you hit the mid-20s, collagen starts to break down – as the cells’ ability to produce it diminishes. On the other hand, exposure to harmful UV rays also depletes the collagen, which leads to dryness, wrinkles, and saggy skin. According to a study, decrease in collagen synthesis results in progressive skin ageing.

Knowing that collagen plays a vital role in benefiting your skin, it is wise to consume it more and more while eating. Foods that are rich in collagen include green vegetables, citrus, eggs, berries, tomatoes, garlic, chia seeds, etc.

  1. Be High on Omega-3

Omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for maintaining the structure and fluidity of the cell membrane. These substances make sure that the nutrients enter the cell and waste products are removed. As your body does not produce these fatty acids – it has to replenish them from food intake continuously. If the body is low on Omega 3 fatty acids, the body loses the ability to keep the skin cells moist and strong.

On the other hand, high consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids prevents dry skin, plumps out wrinkles and smoothes skin. It also improves your skin’s ability to hold moisture.

In a study, some overweight but healthy adults participated who took omega-3 fatty acids for four months. It helped them preserve tiny segments of DNA (telomeres) in their white blood cells. Further, these tiny segments (telomeres) were found to be proactive in providing the possibility that can make a difference in ageing.

Foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids include fish oil, eggs, walnuts, flaxseed, etc.

  1. Consume Lots of Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a highly potent antioxidant with a significant number of health benefits. It is also responsible for improving the cognitive function of the body. Not only limited to this, but the miraculous substance also helps in potentially dishing out the signs of ageing.

As per a study, consumption of astaxanthin was found to be a great contributing factor in warding off wrinkles, increasing skin moisture, and improving skin elasticity.

It provides a preventive layer to the skin cells that are exposed to the damaging sun. Other than this, astaxanthin also helps in countering the detrimental environmental factors like pollution, dirt, airborne allergens, etc. Foods that include astaxanthin in a high index are salmon, shrimp, crayfish, lobster, etc.

  1. Include Phytoceramides in the Diet

Phytoceramides contain a set of strong antioxidants that work against the free radicals. (Free radicals are responsible for damaging the skin).  Phytoceramides help in increasing the collagen and elastin of the body that helps in keeping the skin young and wrinkle-free.

Where elastin ensures to keep your skin healthy and young, the collagen provided by phytoceramides ensures to keep it firm. Other than this, Phytoceramides also reduces the age spots and wrinkles that come with ageing.

Furthermore, phytoceramides also add the essential elements into the skin that help in combating the ageing process, by replacing the lost ceramides. Foods that are rich in phytoceramides include wheat flour, sweet potatoes, spinach, soy, rice, etc.

Some Additional Diets

Other than the above-mentioned highly effective diets, foods with following nutrients work like a charm for the skin. They not only help in keeping the skin plump and tight but also restore its vigour.

  • Look for Foods Rich in Vitamin C

The inclusion of foods that are loaded with vitamin C helps in dropping a decade from your face. Foods rich in vitamin C act as a shield for the skin. They help in protecting the skin from the damage caused by toxins and chemicals from the daily life.

This powerful antioxidant contains ascorbic acid that promotes younger-looking and firmer-feeling skin. Other than this, it also helps in smoothening uneven skin tone and ageing spots. Foods that contain vitamin C in abundance include orange, papaya, kiwi, red peppers, etc.

  • Consider Staples Packed with Selenium

Selenium is an essential mineral that is enriched with a number of anti-ageing properties. This component helps in increasing the effectiveness of vitamin E, another nutrient that prevents skin cells from damage. When an adequate amount of selenium is consumed, it prevents vitamin E deficiency, thus leading to better skin health.

In addition to this, selenium also helps in protecting against skin inflammation and pigmentation that are visible signs of ageing. Foods that include selenium in a high index are salmon, oats, oysters, cheese, mushrooms, etc.

Ageing is an inevitable natural process. However, if you’re thinking of going for Botox to avoid looking old, think again. Why spend huge bugs when simple diet changes can keep you youthful?

Contributor Bio – The blog is presented by Sharda Hospital. Sharda Hospital is one of the largest super speciality hospitals in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).




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