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Home Remedies for Nausea

Home Remedies for Nausea

Nausea is a very common problem many of us face. Although vomiting plays a vital role to keep us healthy but it can be a real problem for us because there can be many reasons for vomiting. So we have to take certain steps to stop nausea or vomiting.

  1. Take Ginger

Ginger is an affordable and easily available home remedy to treat nausea. However, it is still unknown that how it works against nausea. Though it is widely believed that ginger contains compounds which work in a way how anti-nausea medications work. Ginger might be used on people who have received chemotherapy treatment or even an operation.

  1. Peppermint Aromatherapy

Peppermint aromatherapy is a very effective treatment for nausea. People who are suffering from nausea if smell peppermint becomes well. A study found that using an inhaler containing peppermint oil at the onset of nausea reduced symptoms in just two minutes of treatment in 44% of cases.

  1. Aromatherapy

If you can make your environment smell fresh with scents then it may help you in an effective way to get rid of nausea. It can be a really good home remedy without much cost. But use scents of lemon and peppermint as this help reduce nausea.  It is believed that patients who smell either ginger oil or the blend of oils had effectively reduced nausea compared with the patients who smell isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture and acupressure are techniques to stimulate acupoints. These methods are from the east. These techniques are useful with anti-nausea medicine. Thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body during nausea. Acupressure is used to stimulate the same points of the body but uses pressure not needles.

  1. For Pregnant women

Women who are pregnant feel nausea very often. It is because they have high levels of pregnancy hormones flooding in their body. It’s a very common problem for most of the women. To stop nausea fast pregnant women should follow some tips like they should not get stressed, take enough rest, have enough meal, a well-balanced diet, don’t smell foodstuffs in the kitchen as it might trigger nausea.

  1. Lemon

There can be different causes of nausea and in any case, lemon can become a good natural remedy to get rid of this disorder in your body. Even in severe nausea lemon can be used to reduce the level of nausea in your body. Even it can be used by pregnant women.   In a study, a group of 100 pregnant women was instructed to inhale either lemon or almond essential oils when they felt nausea,4 days later it was found that those in the lemon group rated their nausea up to 9% lower than those given the almond oil placebo.

  1. Breathing control

In a study, it was found that breathing exercise is very good even in severe nausea. It might not have an immediate effect but if done properly can help you get rid of nausea. It definitely stops nausea problem. There are people who work whole day sometimes feel nausea at night, breathing exercise might be very helpful for them. The proper way to do it is to take breath slowly, deeply and then exhale in a controlled manner.

  1. Relax your muscles

There is a technique called progressive muscle relaxation in short PMR. You just need to tense and relax your muscle in a sequence continuously. Another way is to use massage to relieve nausea. Massage will help your nerves to relax. Relaxing your muscle can be really helpful with anti-nausea medication.

  1. Best drinks for nausea

It is true that drinking certain things might help you get rid of nausea. These drinks may become your home remedies.

  • Peppermint tea: It is an herb used to stop nausea fast.
  • Baking Soda: It can sound awkward for you but it is true that if you drink baking soda dissolved in water will help you a lot. But consult your doctor before trying it.
  • Lemon juice: Lemons contain neutralizing acids, which will help you relieve nausea.
  • Cold water: Cold water is a very affordable home remedy to treat nausea.
  1. Drugs for nausea

Although consult with your doctor before using any drug to treat nausea but there are Ayurvedic home remedies might help you reducing nausea. Take half a teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with lemon juice and honey and use twice a day for the best result.

  1. Improve your lifestyle

Following are the best practice for daily life:

Take enough rest every day, exercise regularly, take your meal on time and a well-balanced diet, sleep well, avoid smoking, and avoid having junk foods, stop drinking aerated drinks. After a sleep, get up slowly not in a hurry.

  1. Rice water

Rice water can be very helpful to calm nausea and or stop being nauseous, generally when it is caused by gastritis. While preparing rice water, make sure you use white rice not brown rice as it is rich in starch and easier to digest.

Take half a cup of water and boil it with a cup of rice. Then strain the solution for a while.

And at last, take this rice water.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be used to overcome the problem of nausea. Well, there are different ways to treat nausea but you can add this in your list of how to treat nausea or vomiting problem. It is mostly used for vomiting caused by digestion problem.

In a cup of boiling water, add one-half or one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. If you do not have the powder, simply use a cinnamon stick.


Steep it for a few minutes and then strain the water. You can add a tablespoon of honey to taste it better. Drink it slowly.

  1. Clove

You can consider it to settle nausea as it is a very helpful and easily available thing. Cloves contain some properties that help in digestion and cure nausea. You can chew it or use it in tea. You can also mix some fried cloves with honey and swallow it.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar can be used to calm your stomach and help getting rid of toxins in your body. It has antimicrobial properties. For best result, you can follow our tips on how to use to alleviate nausea.

Take a glass of water then take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, then one tablespoon of honey. Mix them all and drink it.

  1. Mint

Mint tea can be really good for nausea as it provides relief from, generally when it is by an upset stomach. There are different methods on how to use mint to cure this disorder. Some of our methods are given below:

Take one tablespoon of dried mint leaves and add it to a cup of hot water. Then allow it to steep for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then finally strain and drink this tea. You can also chew fresh mint leaves for the best result.

  1. Milk

Although it might sound strange to you it is true that milk can be used to stop puking. It is a really great home remedy. The way you can use is by taking a cup of milk and take a piece of dry toast and heat the milk. Then soak the toast in the milk and eat it to get rid of feeling nauseous.

  1. Aniseed

Aniseed contains dozens of medicinal properties, one of them is used to stop feeling nausea. What needs to just one tablespoon aniseed with one cup of hot water?  Mix aniseed tea by steeping it in a cp of boiling water for about 10 minutes. At last, stain it and drink.

  1. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are used to treat digestive problems like diarrhea, morning sickness etc.  For a better result follow our steps. Take a glass of water, one and a half tablespoons cumin powder.  Add your cumin powder to the water. Stir it well and lastly drink it to get nauseous free.

  1. Onion Juice for treating vomiting

Onion juice is an ancient technique used to stop feeling nauseous. Onion juice will definitely help you get rid of this uncomfortable disorder and refresh you in a lot better way. Although it is difficult to drink this juice for its strong smell if you can turn your nose and drink it then you will not regret. Take one onion and to kill the smell you can take half a teaspoon honey. Squeeze the juice out from the fresh onion and mix it with honey and drink it

  1. Taking vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 can be really helpful for vomiting. It can also be used by people who are drunk and feeling vomiting. Alcohol causes irritation I the stomach. Just 1200gm can be taken for a better result.

  1. Taking enough fluids

Drinking water which contains electrolytes can help you reduce the feeling of vomiting. Electrolytes help you keeping hydrated and fresh.

  1. Stretching Exercises

Exercise can be your beat home remedy to relax your body and mind. If you practice stretching exercises then it will definitely help you relieve nausea. It is true that often nausea is caused by pain in the neck and upper back. You should stretch your upper back to relieve the pain. You can try different Yoga poses.

  1. Take fresh air

As it cost you nothing you can take fresh air to relax your body and mind. Do some outdoor activities regularly. You can take a deep breath of fresh air to get rid of stress and vomiting. It will definitely help you.

  1. Eat Papaya fruit

Papaya contains antibacterial compounds which help to improve digestive system making your food absorbed properly and also kill acids which cause nausea. Papaya contains a high level of natural enzymes which helps you digest food properly. You can take it in the form of juice. But it is evident that if it is taken in a chewable form gives the best result.

  1. Take salt and sugar

Although it might sound strange to you it is true that both of them mixed together can make you feel good and stop nausea. Actually, the mixture creates a strong flavor which is difficult to consume. All you need is to put a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt and take a glass of water and add both of them in the water. Stir it well and drink the water. It will surely help you get rid of nausea.

  1. Frozen fruit

We all know how healthy and nutritious fruits are for our health. Now you wonder how can fruits help us to reduce our nausea. Well, fruits help us relax our stomach and a great home remedy to cure nausea. The main reason why fruits help us to get rid of vomiting is that fruits contain some specific characteristics help to eliminate nausea feeling.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile a herb can be used to treat nausea. Chamomile has been in use for thousands of years. Actually, Chamomile is an ingredient to prepare a tea. It is very safe to use and can be used to treat heartburn, upset of stomach and vomiting. It is usually used with different herbs for better treatment. It calms your stomach when you feel vomiting.

  1. Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds act as anti-nausea and make you feel better. It is believed to be one of the best homes for this disorder. It has been used since ancient times to treat problems like intestinal gas, vomiting. It is often said that fennel tea, oil from fennel seeds are used to avoid the feeling of vomiting. You can use it by putting one teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup and then cover it with water which should be hot. Steep for at least 10 minutes. Then take the tea to drink and chew seeds of fennel.

  1. Lime juice

Lime juice can be taken to fight against nausea because it has been proved that it gives an immediate result. Just add ten drops of lime juice, half teaspoon sugar and one by four teaspoon baking soda in one cup water. Drink the water finally.

  1. Take dry crackers or bland foodstuffs

Information provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH) says that those who feel vomiting should try to eat 6 to 8 small bland meals in the day when they have nausea and vomiting. It implies that eating foods without a lot of seasoning prevents nausea and a sour stomach. Some of the foods to eat are Dry crackers, toast, noodles, soups.

You can also say that these foods are a quick remedy for nausea.

  1. Try to reduce anxiety

When people are too much stressed mentally or physically or both they often become anxious and start feeling vomiting. So try to manage your stress in different ways. Take enough water to make your stomach muscle relaxed. It is seen that people become anxious when they don’t take enough sleep.

  1. Frequent meals

Taking frequent meals is very helpful to avoid nausea as we often see that people feel vomiting when they skip meals or the gaps are long between meals. Diabetic patients should take extra care about it, they should take frequent meals. Try to take snacks in between meals. Keep yourself hydrated.

  1. Bedtime snacks

Sometimes people feel like vomiting when they get out of their bed. The main reason is that their blood sugar is low after long hours of fasting and it is definite that they are going to feel sick. So before going to bed eat protein-rich snack.

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