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How Much Water You Need To Drink During Your Workout?

Drink Up: Exactly How Much Water You Need To Drink During Your Workout

 Water You Need To Drink During Your Workout

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A high-intensity workout will get you longing for water. 8 glasses or 2-3 litres of water is suggested by most as the ideal amount of water required for a day. Hydration is essential to keep our body healthy and fresh. And staying hydrated is all the more important during exercise as we tend to lose a lot of water as well as body salts during a rigorous workout session. So now keeping this into factor, what is the right amount of water that is essential during a workout?

The perfect answer to this question can only be defined when you put factors such as your workout intensity, purpose, areas of focus, your height, weight, metabolism standpoint etc, in your equation.  But there are certain general points you can try to understand while determining how much water to drink.

How much before a workout:

1 or 2 glasses of water consumed at least 2 hours prior to your workout schedule is ideal. Then consuming 1 glass of water before the workout will be great.

How much during a workout:

If your workout is anywhere above 30 minutes, then have a bottle filled with 3-4 glasses of water. Take breaks every 20-25 minutes and take small sips of about half a cup of water to satisfy your thirst. There is no ideal amount that needs to be consumed here. So, pay attention to your body and have just as much as you need. In case of higher intensity workouts, it is recommended that you drink more water or increase the frequency of consumption.

How much after a workout:

Have 1 – 1 ½ glasses of water post a workout session.

Unravelling the tricky parts of this equation:

Always ensure you consume water in small quantities instead of gulping it down all at once. This is especially important immediately after a workout because we tend to take shallow breaths at this time. Now drinking really fast means there is a possibility you might choke. Also, taking small sips can efficiently quench your thirst and help make sure you have only as much as you need to enjoy the benefits.

The amount of water can be increased in the case of individuals who sweat profusely. Sweating also depends on the kind of gym apparel you choose to are wear. It is recommended to add glucose to water in this case to get more energy especially if you are planning a very intense workout session.

If you are working out in the heat or have been working out for more than an hour it is recommended to consume more water. In fact, a sports drink might be the best fit in this case in place of water. Look for sports drinks that contain electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Instead of choosing by taste looking for their water loss replacement properties before choosing can be very beneficial. Explore hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic types of sports drinks with varying amount of CHO content that will be appropriate for your workout.

How much is too much?

Measure your weight before and after a workout. The difference indicates loss of water and hence compensate every lost pound with half a glass of water.

The best indication of understanding, if a person has enough water and is well hydrated, is through the color of urine. Any color between a pale yellow to being clear means you are well hydrated. The pale yellow might be due to medications and can be considered hydrated. If the urine is dark colored it is an indicator of dehydration and it is important to start consuming water regularly. Also, apart from during workouts drinking water regularly even when not feeling necessarily dried out is very important. Dehydration could lead to loss of appetite, fatigue, headaches etc.

Is too much a problem?

While consuming less could lead to dehydration, consuming more than required can mess with your body`s balance. A condition known as hyponatremia is said to occur in cases of over-consumption of water. Excessive fluid consumption causes gastrointestinal problems as the body fails to identify other ways to exit the same. This could cause vomiting, headaches, seizures etc, The tricky part with hyponatremia is that the symptoms, in this case, are very similar to that of dehydration and could turn out to be life-threatening. So, make sure to regularly consume water throughout the day but only as much as you feel like having to quench your thirst.

Also, the purpose of a workout is to stay healthy. So, apart from these make healthy lifestyle choices such as eliminating the reuse of single-use bottles which is potentially cancer-causing to enjoy the benefits of water completely. Look for glass bottles or stainless steel bottles which are BPA free as an alternative.

A lot of information just to determine the amount of water could baffle you. But our body always has a way of communicating with us how much of everything it needs. By paying heed to the needs and giving it just as much as it needs if the best way to stay healthy and fit.

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