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How to Lose Weight Fast & Easy – 40 Killer Tips

  1. Drink Enough water:

How to loose weight
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Drinking more water can help you to increase your body metabolism and also makes your body toxin free and helps your body to lose weight quickly. Doctors say that a person must have at least 2lts of water daily.

  1. Always have unrefined carbohydrate:

loose weight fast and easy
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Refined carbohydrate grains and veggies are prepared through several steps of processing which removes many essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why refined carbohydrate digests easily and makes you eat excessive food and makes you fat. So, switch to unrefined carbohydrate food which digests slowly and gives you essential minerals and vitamins.

  1. Do exercise daily:

Exercise to burn fat
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Doctors say that 30minuits of daily exercise can keep your body fat free. If you want to lose weight then add minimum 30minuits of exercise to your daily routine.

  1. Don’t awake until late night:

sleep early to loose weight
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Doctors say sleep enough at night to have a better digestion system.

A better digestion system keeps your body in perfect size. Always sleep minimum 6hrs at night.

  1. Do Push-Ups:

Burn fat
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One of the fastest ways to lose weight does minimum 40 push-ups daily.

  1. Don’t eat fast-food:

avoid junk foods to loose weight

Fast-food contains high calories and cholesterol which makes your body fatter. So, don’t eat fast-food.

  1. Take green Tea:

Green tea to loose weight
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Green tea helps to boost metabolism. Researchers have found that green tea can increase your metabolic rate 4%. So, having a cup of green tea in every morning can help you to burn your body fat quickly.

  1. Eat Iron contain vegetables:

iron rich foods to loose fat
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Iron contain vegetables help you to supply enough oxygen to your body cells and helps to increase metabolic rate.

  1. Monthly thyroid checkup:

Thyroid causes wight gain

Studies have found that 25% American have a thyroid problem. The thyroid gland controls metabolic rate in our body. So, get thyroid checkup at least twice between 6months.

  1. Avoid alcohol:

no alcohol
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According to the British study, alcohol is a high-fat and high-calorie drink

Alcoholic drinks slow down the metabolic rate of our body. So, don’t take alcohol.

  1. Take low-fat dairy product:

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If you don’t work out every day then always take low-fat dairy products. It will help you to maintain the low-fat level of your body.

  1. Don’t avoid Breakfast:


Studies have found that those people have high fiber breakfast are able to maintain their weight without doing an extreme workout.

  1. Take protein food:

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Human digestion system needs more energy to digest the protein and automatically metabolic rate increases and helps to burn the fat. So, try to eat protein food daily.

  1. Take citrus fruits:

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Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which increases our metabolic rate and helps you to burn fat quickly.

  1. Don’t have red meat:

Say no to red meat
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Red meat contains high cholesterol which can easily increase your body weight. So, cut off the red meat from your diet.


  1. Don’t fight with others:

Quarreling is bad for health
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Fighting with people can cause mental stress which can affect to your digestion system. A poor digestion system can increase your belly fat.

  1. Do sit-ups:

Do sit-ups is the fastest way to lose your belly fat. 20 sit-ups per day can keep your belly fat free.

  1. Meditation:

Meditation for better health
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Science proved that daily 5minuits of meditation can keep your mind sharp and focused. A sharp and focused mind will help you burn body fat quickly.

  1. Eat peanuts:

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Peanuts are the good source of magnesium. Magnesium keeps our body energetic and helps you to work out more. Doctors say a normal person should consume 320mg of magnesium daily.

  1. Eat salmon fish:

loose weight
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Salmon fish contains high protein and nutrient which will help you to maintain your body weight.

  1. Eat bananas:

eat bananas to loose burn fat
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Banana is full of potassium, which gears up your metabolism by balancing the water level of your body. A hydrated body can burn calories quickly. So, eat 2 to 3 bananas daily.


  1. Eat pepper:

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Pepper contains capsaicin. Capsaicin helps your body to release more adrenaline which speeds up your metabolic rate and helps you to burn body fat.

  1. Avoid lift:

Avoid Lift to keep fit
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Instead of taking lift always take the stairs. This habit can help you to stick to your weight-loss goal.

  1. Drink coffee before workout:

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Having coffee before a workout will make you proactive and help you to burn fats much effortlessly.

  1. Avoid Sugar:

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Sugar is full of calories. Doctors say if you can avoid 10 spoons of sugar per day then you can lose 1 pound of weight within 3 months.

  1. Morning walk:

burn fat fast through morning walk
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British study proven that walk daily for 30minuits during morning time can help you to lose 1kg of weight within 2 weeks.

  1. Do yoga:

do yoga to stay fit
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According to modern study doing yoga, can gives you a perfect body weight. Do yoga at least 3times in a week.

  1. Walk while talking on a phone:

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Don’t sit while talking on a phone. Try to utilize that time by walk.

  1. Do house works:

House Works Keeps You Fit
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Doing house works keep you one step further to losing body weight. It will beneficial to you in every way.

  1. Take scheduled sunbath:

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You can also burn your fat by taking the sunbath. While taking sunbath your body heat will increase and melt some of your body fat.

  1. Take a steam bath:

Loose Weight through steambath
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The Hot steam bath helps you to melt down your body fat. You can take steam bath ones in a week.

  1. Have vegetable and fruit salad:

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Vegetables and fruits contain a less amount of fat. Try to eat vegetable and fruit salad instead of having the heavy meal.

  1. Sit and walk with a straight body:

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A curve spine is another cause of having a fat body. Always sit and walk by keeping your back straight. So, that blood can flow properly in your body a gives you a proper body weight.

  1. Don’t leave your stomach empty:

Keep your stomach full
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An empty stomach can lead you to eat excessive food in a once and causes a heavyweight body. Eat a small amount of food 6 times in a day. In that way, you won’t be hungry very much and eat less.

  1. Eat multigrain food:

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By eating multigrain food you will get all types of nutrients and that will help you to maintain a proper metabolic rate.

  1. Don’t eat ice cream:

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Ice cream contains a high amount of sugar and fat. So, do eat ice cream.

  1. Consume olive oil:

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There is less cholesterol present in olive oil in comparison to the other oils like mustard and refined oil. So, always take olive oil instead of other oils.

  1. Don’t eat while watching T.V:

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Studies have shown that watching T.V and eating food at the same time can interrupt your digestion system and leads you towards an unhealthy metabolic rate. As a result, you will get a fat belly. So, always eat in a conscious mind.

  1. Don’t eat chocolates:

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There is a high amount of calorie present in chocolates and it can easily make your body full of fat. That’s why don’t eat chocolates.

  1. Chew food properly:

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You should chew your food properly before swallowing. It will help you to digest the food properly and leads you towards a proper and fatless body.

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